Gelco Information Network

By | September 1, 2001

Consultant – Lead Architect/Senior Developer

Gelco Information Network
White Plains, NY
December 1999 – September 2001

• Architect of SalesWave v4 J2EE framework. Specifically responsible for: overall system design, complete front-end UI system, XML reporting facility, custom Oracle stored procedure JDBC API, WebLogic configuration and administration.

• Created software according to a modified RUP model using features such as Use Case Driven and Iterative Development.

• Developed various modules for the SalesWave v4 framework, including large portions of the Data Organization and Assortment system. This consisted of writing many domain specific EJBs and wizards. This system was purchased by Gillette.

• SalesWave v4 is an Internet application built on an ASP model. It consists of highly interactive wizards (Java 2 applets) running in the Java Plug-in and HTML/DHTML pages communicating through a lightweight HTTP tunneling mechanism to servlets and JSPs running on WebLogic Server. Back end and business logic consists of many EJBs and Oracle stored procedures linked using a custom stored procedure API.

• Designed and wrote XML reporting facility that takes various forms of input (i.e. HTML, Excel spread sheets) and outputs in various forms. The report engine consists of interacting EJBs and JavaBeans that convert the input to XML and create the output report in XML which is then converted using XSLT or custom DOM code to the various output forms.

• Designed and developed the Gelco Planning system which is based on the SalesWave framework. This system was purchased by Sargento and was released according to original schedule.

• Installed and administered several WebLogic servers in development and analyst environments.

• Trained and mentored 6 junior and mid-level developers in the v4 framework, WebLogic and J2EE in general.