By | November 1, 2011

ParkShark was an iOS App developed with my partner Dmitriy Frenkel.     This app had a dedicated iPad-only version as well.

ParkShark was a parking information and parking space sharing service.

It could be used in any city in the world, from Abidjan to Yokohama. It was ideal for use in larger metropolitan areas, where on street parking is at a premium.

The goals of ParkShark were to optimize the use of limited parking resources, reduce pollution, reduce congestion and eliminate the frustration that comes with searching for a parking space. To do so, you had the ability to share your parking space with other members of the ParkShark community in real-time. Once you specified the time your spot will be available, it became visible to the other members who were searching for a spot. ParkShark used a custom algorithm to display available spaces to those members with good ratings before displaying to other members. This encouraged you to be a good ParkShark citizen and build a strong user rating. Good citizens were those that shared and reserved in a reliable and consistent manner with infrequent cancellations.